How to use Microsoft Office Add-ins

Microsoft office offer add-ins that extends your office programs commands and features which will ultimately increase your productivity. if you are creating, reading and editing a document or your presentation, you can quickly access the plugin and perform your actions without switching to other application.

For example, if you are creating a presentation using PowerPoint and needed some picture or images to visualize it more, you need to search in google or Bing and then download it to use in your presentation. This is time consuming and tedious job.

In this article, we will explore how to use office add-ins for Microsoft word and PowerPoint.

How to add Office Add-ins to Microsoft word or PowerPoint

  1. Open Microsoft Word and Click on “Insert” tab.
  2. From available options, click on “office store” icon to open a list of free and paid add-ins
  3. Lookup for “PickIt Free Images”.
  4. Click to add button to add selected add-ins to your Microsoft word or PowerPoint

How to use Office add-ins in Microsoft word or PowerPoint

Now it’s time to use installed office add-ins, for example, “PickIt images” to directly search and use images that you want use for your document.

  1. Go to “Insert” tab
  2. Click on “My Add-ins” options. This will open list of installed Add-ins
  3. Select “PickIt Free Images” and click to load it in your current document
  4. Now, go to “Home” tab and click on installed add-ins to open it.
  5. It will open as side bar windows like below.

You can search an image that fit for your content and click to insert it into your document.