How to take private notes using WhatsApp

Nowadays, WhatsApp is our part of our life and its generally used for real-time communication with your friends and family to have one on one chat, group chat, and share pictures, audio, video, and documents as well.
But more interestingly, it can be used to store your private notes as well.

Now, you might have thought that how can I  use WhatsApp To take a meeting notes, capture and save your ideas, pictures, and documents without sharing with the external world.

Here are the simple steps  :
1. Create a new group and add any contact from your contact list
2. Name your group. For example, MyNotes
3. Once MyNotes group is created, tap on the group name and remove all other participants.
4. Now you are only in the group that can access your own private notes and shares with others.
You can use to access your note on the computer as well.