How To Change Custom URL For Your YouTube Brand Account

When you create a new YouTube channel as a Brand Account, it generates channel id (GUID) that’s not easy to remember, even for the channel owner. Everyone wants a channel Url that can be easily remembered by your audience & should reflect your channel name.

So, let’s explore when and how we can get the custom URL


Your YouTube Account :

  1. Should be at least 30 days old,
  2. Must have at least 100 subscribers,
  3. Should have uploaded channel icon & channel art.

If your channel has satisfied the above requirements, you might have received congratulation email from YouTube, a notification in the creator studio and a link to claim custom URL in advanced settings.

Get the custom URL for your brand channel

Here are the steps to claim the custom URL

1. Goto Channel settings

2. Click on Claim link

3. Get the Custom URL

This is a system-generated URL based on your channel name. You can claim it or If you want it to be more customized to have a unique URL, then select the second option. The second option allows you to postfix more characters to your channel Url.

That’s it.

Here is my Brand YouTube Channel account with custom URL